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City Officials Prepare for Surge in Coronavirus-Related Community Food

City Officials Prepare for Surge in Coronavirus-Related Community Food Program Demand: NeON Nutrition Kitchens Expand Services in Five Boroughs


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City Officials Prepare for Surge in Coronavirus-Related Community Food Program Demand: NeON Nutrition Kitchens Expand Services in Five Boroughs

NEW YORK-As part of the New York City Department of Probation’s response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis the Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON) Nutrition Kitchens, in partnership with the Food Bank of NYC and the NYC Young Men’s Initiative (YMI), will have expanded hours and a new location in Harlem beginning this week, where all New Yorkers in need will be provided with one week of free pre-packaged groceries.

“Last year, we provided food to over 114,000 people on probation and other community members. With increased unemployment and up to one-third of other food pantry programs temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be tripling our capacity,” states Commissioner Ana M. Bermúdez.  Bermúdez continues, “Our officers and staff started to expand our distribution not only for those on probation but for all of our neighbors. This is an example of how the men and women of the New York City Department of Probation are helping their communities in response to COVID-19, and I am very proud of their professionalism and commitment.”

This expansion follows new research on how COVID-19 is changing the ability of New Yorkers to get food.  It showed that “half of the households surveyed reported some changes and difficulties getting food. People of color reported a higher number, though everybody saw some sort of disruption, Latinx, Asian, Black and multi-racial and other households report higher levels of significant reductions in food availability compared to white households. Latinx and multi-racial and other households are almost twice as likely to report that their food availability was reduced a lot than white households,” according to the recently released City University of New York (CUNY) Urban Food Policy survey.

“The Young Men’s Initiative is proud to support the NeON Nutrition Kitchens,” states Jordan Stockdale, Executive Director, Young Men’s Initiative.  “Now more than ever, our communities need access to free, healthy food and that’s exactly what this initiative provides.”

“In partnership with the NeON Nutrition Kitchens, Young Men’s Initiative and the Food Bank of NYC, we are increasing the amount of food distributed to the Harlem community with our new location,” states Reverend Maurice D. Winley.  “As the founder of the Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub, which is a Credible Messenger led organization whose mission is Saving Lives and Healing Communities One Relationship at a Time, we are adding another important component to our long-standing partnership with the Department of Probation, furthering the on-the-ground community-focused work of the Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON) at a time when our Harlem community is facing a great moment of need,” said Winley

This new initiative will last until the public health crisis ends, and we expect the need for increased food assistance to continue throughout the economic recovery period.

NeON Nutrition Kitchen Expanded Hours and New Location:

Bronx: 198 E 161 Street, 718.537.5395

Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday 9am – Noon

Brooklyn: 345 Adams Street, 718.488.3618

Monday / Wednesday / Friday 9am – Noon

Manhattan: 302 West 124th Street, 917.809.8990

@Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub

Wednesday/Friday 1pm-4pm

Queens: 162-24 Jamaica Avenue, 718.520.2142

Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday 10am – 1pm

Staten Island: 340 Bay Street, 718.876.8660

Monday / Wednesday / Thursday 9 am – Noon


About the New York City Department of Probation

The New York City Department of Probation (DOP) helps build stronger and safer communities by working with and supervising people on probation, fostering positive change in their decision-making and behavior. DOP expands opportunities for them to move out of the criminal and juvenile justice systems through meaningful education, employment, health services, family engagement, and civic participation.

About the Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON)

At the heart of the NeON is a network of partners – individuals and organizations, public and private – working together to improve public safety and promote the success of people on probation by working with them in community-based settings.    NeON staff supervise and work with people on probation and their families to promote pro-social life choices, educational achievement, career advancement, civic engagement, and more.    The NeON involves communities working collaboratively to remove barriers to advancement, reduce the stigma of justice-involvement, and create solutions to local challenges.   Programming available through NeON, free and open to the public, includes NeON Arts, NeON Sports, NeON Photography, Made in NY Animation Project, Clothing Closets, high-school equivalency classes, and more.

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