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Supporting Reentry and Creating Opportunity

Implementing Strategies to Support the Successful Reentry of Individuals who were Formerly Incarcerated

Supporting Reentry Opportunities | LRYOH

Courtesy of New York City Bar Association

LRCDC’s Executive Director, Rev. Maurice Winley participates as a panelist on a webcast presentation on June 7, 2021 entitled “Supporting Reentry and Creating Opportunity: Implementing Strategies to Support the Successful Reentry of Individuals who were Formerly Incarcerated.” See the list of panelists below.

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“Proud to be a part of this event, highlighting winning reentry strategies and identifying how law firms and financial institutions can play a role in this work, beyond fundraising, featuring Manhattan District Attorney's Office, Exodus Transitional Community, Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub, Roca, and Concordance."  

List of Panelists

Concordance is based in St. Louis and takes a comprehensive approach and starts working with participants six months prior to release.  Concordance was founded by a former banker from Wells Fargo and has effectively engaged the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and a variety of banks, law firms and private sector companies. 

Exodus, a community-based organization in East Harlem, takes a holistic approach to reentry, guiding participants through six areas of healing: family and relationships, employment, education, health and fitness, community involvement and spirituality, and stresses the importance of trauma-informed care. The majority of its staff and leadership were formerly justice involved.

Living Redemption Community Development Corporation, a recently formed community-based organization in Harlem, employs formerly justice-involved individuals as “credible messengers” who mentor, and provide essential services, opportunities, and prosocial support to the young adults served, engaging their families and communities when necessary. Living Redemption aims to support young people through transformative mentoring focused on healing, restoration, and sustainable personal and professional growth.

Roca is based in Boston and works with traumatized young adults at the center of urban violence. Their model is to develop a foundation for change, teach cognitive behavioral therapy, and provide tailored employment, education and life skills programs over a period of 4 years, and to continue to show up, even during setbacks.

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