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A Message from Living Redemption Community Development Corporation

COVID-19-Prevention-InfographicEffective March 18, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent New York State stay-at-home order, Living Redemption Community Development Corporation will be closed to onsite programming until further notice. Throughout the coronavirus health crisis, we want you to know that the safety of our team, our participants and their families, the team members from our various program providers, and the members of the communities we serve is of utmost importance to us. All of our team members are currently working remotely but we are always within reach, so please contact us.

As we navigate these unprecedented times, we want to assure everyone in the Central and West Harlem communities in our catchment area that, although the building is closed, we are still here to support you. Programming will continue but on a digital platform.

Our Credible Messenger Team continues to be in close contact with our participants to ensure their safety and wellbeing, and to provide assistance when needed. You are not alone. We are here.

Continuing Programming & Services in a COVID-19 Pandemic Era

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed all of our lives. Things are not the same. Our world has changed. Our neighborhoods and communities have changed. How we do life together has changed. So we must find a way forward, better than the way it was, wiser, better equipped, and with a greater commitment to build together a new and bright future for ourselves, our families, our children, our youth, our communities, our schools, our neighborhoods, our churches, our businesses, our society, for our interconnected futures.

In spite of the challenges, we can turn these times into greater opportunities to build a future perhaps we never dreamed possible. We cannot do it alone. We are in this together. Help us.

So how can we best protect ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors and our communities during these unprecedented times, and during the aftermath? What kind of future can you dream and see it become reality? How can you prepare yourself for life after COVID-19? What would it take for you to change the trajectory of your life, embrace the new to thrive, succeed and have a good future? Share your thoughts with us.  Click here.

Live free. Live full. Leave a legacy.

We want you to be safe and equipped to not only survive this storm but to thrive through it and prosper after the storm has passed. Yes, we are in unprecedented and troubling times but the times do not have to define us and leave you, and us, in a state of devastation. A new normal is coming. You can help shape it! We want you to be ready, prepared, equipped, so you can live free, live full and leave a legacy, for your children and the next generation. Hope for something greater, better, more. It is our hope for you!

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