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Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub is a dream turned vision and finally realized for our Founder and Executive Director, Rev. Maurice Winley. His journey from youth to the present has not always been easy, but it has been one of the joys of his life. Maurice got a second chance. Now he is doing all he can to ensure others get a second chance at life as well, that can change and transform the trajectory of their lives, homes, families and communities. We hope his journey and story inspire you, and remind you that nothing is impossible. Dream Big. Dream long. Don’t quit. Create a legacy for today for tomorrow, and for generations.

Maurice has emerged as a thought leader in the implementation of Transformative Mentoring and the Credible Messenger Mentoring approach.  He is one of the Founding Members of the Credible Messenger Justice Center (CMJC), a collaborative effort between NYC Department of Probation (DOP), the CUNY Graduate Center and CCFY.  The Credible Messenger Justice Center serves as a training and research center, policy and practice thought leader, and program incubator for an approach to social reform at the intersection of government, community and academia.  The Center seeks to improve, legitimize and disseminate the practice of Credible Messenger Mentoring and other programming in communities and jurisdictions around the country as a change agent that is sustainable.

During this period, Maurice began his consultancy with CCFY where he developed a Field Manual of Best Practices for Project Directors of ARCHES, which included a series of workshops.  Following this project, CCFY brought on Maurice as Project Director of Credible Messenger initiatives to oversee the 4As Mentoring Program (Arches Alumni Academy for Advancement), a citywide leadership development program for individuals who successfully completed ARCHES.  In addition, while on staff, Maurice was instrumental in creating the Credible Messenger Boot Camp, a 5-day intensive for formerly incarcerated mentors working with justice-involved youth.

Maurice has gained recognition as a master trainer for Credible Messengers around the nation.  He specializes in equipping programs to coach, supervise, and develop Credible Messengers, ensuring their personal and professional growth.  Maurice has conducted numerous trainings on Credible Messenger Mentoring, Positive Youth Development, and Individual and Group Practice with high-risk adolescents for both justice system professionals and community stakeholders in New York City, Chicago, San Diego, and Washington, DC.  Maurice continues to design and deliver training both for Credible Messengers in New York City and for visitors seeking to learn about New York’s model.

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